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e two of you, sunny leone xnxx get out of here and let me work." "But it is my office and my computer." wailed a protesting Laurie. "My modem is broken. I will use your account for the search until I can get another one hooked up." "Oh, go ahead. It is not like I use the thing all that much anyway. I just wish my publisher would still let me send in typed sheets instead of demanding I transmit my stuff to them xnxx asia by modem." Laurie porn fumed. "Me, too." Bronwyn added with a chuckle. "Wouldn't even have one of the things, otherwise. Come on, Laurel. We have some friends to call, and we need to do it from a secure place." And with that, the two women left. When they returned, they found Laurie's usually neat and pristine library littered with paper. xnxx hindi Before she could start her scold, Jacqui started xvideos xnxx tamil on them. "Roberta Lawler's cover was completely transparent. I have found innumerable references to Robert Lawler, complete with social security number, scattered all across the 'Net. Whoever set up her new identity did a lousy job. I vina garut xnxx am convinced this is how she got blown." Laurie spoke first. "And what does that say about you and Marcus?" "I don't know, Mum. xnnn I tried, but I can't find xnxx indo the same preponderance of evidence on me. They xnxx indonesia may have just gotten lucky, indo xnxx or they may have started working off line between the time they caught on to Bobbie and when I was Transformed." "So, we have a leak." said Bronwyn. "More like a gaping hole, Bronwyn. If you are going to keep up the Sisterhood by Transforming men in this society, you better start working on computer security and www xnxx com counter security. You simply are not protecting the Transformee's against the threat posed by the Internet." "But xnxx video we don't know anything about that stuff." wailed Laurie. Jacqui's voice was deathly vidio xnxx cold. "I do. And I am going to know a lot more. Who ever is behind this killed the man I loved. I am going to do whatever I can to bring him down, and to prevent him from killing any more people that I, or those I love, care about." Stunned by her turnabout, both women looked at each other before turning back to Jacqui. "Does. . ." Laurie's voice broke. "Does this mean you have changed xnxx download your https // mind about changing back to Jack?" Jacqui shrugged. "I had, before Marcus was killed. I wasn't going to give up what we could have had together. Love is too important. I've learned that much in the last 21 months. Now, I don't know, Mum. Maybe if I was Jack xnxx stories again, his dying like that would not hurt so much. I just don't know what I am going to do, except that I am xnxx tamil going to help you find the ones who did it to him. After that, I just don't know." Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 9 Months 17 days A. T. I am now officially overdue for the first time in my admittedly short female life. I also have morning sickness, except that I sex video have it at midnight. My healer talents, which don't normally work on me, can sense other life. And inside me, there is another life. Oh Goddess. I am pregnant. Through birth control pills that I took religiously, and condoms that I personally put on him and tested, I xnxx hd am somehow pregnant. The man I loved left me a gift when he left me to die. His son. Oh Goddess, xnxx korea I barely know how to be a woman. How in the vina garut xnxx name of all that is holy am I going to be a Mother? Think of xnx *something* else, xnxx videos Jacqui. Emotions like that are not good for the baby. Bronwyn has been teaching me to "think" to her with my mind. It has been handy to be able to "talk" to her as I've been searching the Net for xnxx porno signs of Sisters who are vulnerable. So far, about six in xxnx the xnxx mom hundred or so I have researched have needed fixes. A couple needed complete changes of identity. But I am still no closer to finding the animal behind this. I don't know whether Bronwyn or Mom are. When I ask, xnxxx I am xnnx politely told that what they xnxx. com are doing is "Sisterhood business" and not for the xnxx selingkuh ears of "novices". Makes me so mad I just want to spit. Don't really need one, but I guess I will pick up one of those home pregnancy test kits after school today. Professor Stevens dropped me an email. Seems he wants to talk to me this afternoon about my schedule for next fall. Good thing site xnxx I was ahead on all my work before this all happened. I still xnxx movies got everything in on time and good grades. I will xxnx need good grades, xxx too. I am going to help the Sisterhood protect themselves in the 21st Century. Their collective computer smarts are nearly non-existent - limited to word processing if video xnxx they have any at all. And that is something I can do as Jack or Jacqui. xnxx. Jack could raise Marcus' child, couldn't he? Why doesn't Jack talk to me anymore? I can't remember the last time he needled me. porno xnxx When did xxx videos he stop? I have to go or I will be late for school. End Journal Entry. ********************* "Is everything ready?" Lancaster asked xnxx vina garut with deliberate insult in his voice. "Yes, desi xnxx High Leader." came the response from the Chief. "The sanctuary is fully operational and the professor has arranged for her to be in his office later today. We will take her at the parking lot she uses after she sees the professor." "Contingency plans?" "Three action teams involved to provide covering fire for the getaway, and three different vehicle changes available if needed en route to the sanctuary." "I don't need to tell you not to fail." It was not a question. "No, High Leader, because we will not fail." was the expected, rote answer. "Very sex well, Chief. Go get the Mother of my Son for me, then." As the Chief left his office, Lancaster looked xnxx jav down at the dossier the Chief had given him. The slut was attractive, he thought. It would not be hard, filling her xnxx sex video belly xnxx korea with his seed. It might even be pleasurable. And even if was not, he spent the past xnxx hindi months stockpiling his semen for this very xnxx mom purpose. He would enjoy watching the slut xnxx com grow fat with his son. Sadly, she would not tamil xnxx live long japanese xnxx enough afterwards for him indo xnxx to fully relish his victory. He could not chance her coming into her full power after getting to know him as well as she would have to know him. ~-------------~ ************************ Jacqui was furious as she stormed across campus toward xxnn her parking lot. The paper Professor Stevens wanted her to sign was one he'd already had mom xnxx her sign weeks ago. She had waited xxnn on xxxx campus three hours after her last class for that meeting, which the Professor himself was forty five minutes late for, and it had been for nothing. She could have been continuing her search for blown covers on the Internet for the past three hours. Grimfaced, she stomped up to her car and was inserting the key in the gay xnxx lock with something grabbed her shoulder. Before she could react, a sharp sting bit into her left buttock. The world went porn black before she could even straighten up to turn xnxx telugu around. ***************** "Any casualties?" barked Lancaster. "None, High Leader. The capture was unobserved. We escaped without detection." "Are you sure of that, or is xnxx. com that merely an assumption on your part." The Chief answered. "It is a fact, Sir, but we took precautions, none the less. We made three vehicle changes and had two different counter surveillance cars on each leg of the trip here. We were zoo xnxx not followed." "Excellent work, Chief. How long will she be out?" "Another three to five hours, Sir. The drug is relatively harmless, but it is quick acting and takes a while to wear xvideo off." "Excellent. I will remain with her until she awakens. Now, you may go. Ensure xnxx com/ that our Brothers are properly alert. nxxn The Sisterhood may xnxx hot try to rescue her." xnxx india ~-----------~ "Bronwyn, where www xnxx can she be? It www.xnxx is after seven. She is usually home by two o'clock on Tuesdays, particularly since she has been doing the computer security checks. And she always calls if she is going to be late." "I don't know, Laurel. I am going to alert the other Sisters in the area xnxx indian and then I will meet you at your home. We zoo xnxx will try and locate her once we have our xnxx video Sisters with Finder crafts with us. Keep faith, lover. I won't let anything happen xnxx 2019 to your child." Bronwyn was trying to sound more positive than she xnxx teen felt. xnxx cina She still did xnxx not even know indian xnxx the identity of the one behind all this." **************** "Don't try to pretend to still xxx video be asleep, slut. I know you are awake." xnxx download The voice talking to her was slightly familiar. "Open your eyes, bitch!" The slap that followed opened her xnxx sex videos eyes quite video porno effectively. Jacqui could not move her legs or her arms. Looking down she saw some type of glowing bands encircling her upper torso and arms, and her thighs and ankles. Then she looked up and saw the hard, dark features of someone she recognized. "You... I... I know you. You work with Professor Stevens..... at school." "Yes. A useful puppet, that one. Easily susceptible xnxx tv to the Power of the Dark One. Unlike you. I cannot influence you, and I tried while you were unconscious. All indian xnxx of you men- turned-women are resistant. I was unable to turn any of xxn you. xnxx app It is too xnxx jav bad. For you, that xnxx video is." His face showed pleasure that thought. Jacqui cringed. "Who are you? Why am I here?" Jacqui tried to control her fear, tried to sound powerful instead of pitiful, but to her own ears, she failed. Lancaster laughed. "I? Who am I? I am Erich Lancaster, president of Lancaster vidio xnxx Electronics and High Leader of the Brotherhood of the Dark One. And you, little witch, are here to be the instrument of my total victory over your sorry Sisterhood." He smiled at the horror in her eyes. "Yes, your son will be my son, and he will be High Leader after me. He will have the Power of the Dark One and will be immune to your puny magicks because he will be of the Sisterhood, as well. My xnxx porn son will span the millennia old schism between our two factions, and will lead the Brotherhood to their rightful victory." Pleased to have an audience for his greatness, Lancaster decided to tell his captive the whole of his plan. "And then, the Brotherhood will be free to dominate the world again. Not through force of arms. No, Brother Hitler taught us the futility of that path. We have been fifty years regaining our strength after xxnxx that debacle. We cannot fight the entire world on the physical level. Our power is great, but still limited. Eventually the shear weight of numbers that would ally against us would again defeat us." "No, this time, we will win xnxx barat by sex xnxx using the power of the computer married to xnxx indian the Power of the Dark One. That is how we found your Sisters that we captured, xxxx and how we discovered you. Your cult's ways of hiding identities that have changed with their sex were adequate twenty five years ago, even perhaps xnxx download ten years ago. No longer. Even if you tried to somehow find and change every record on the Internet, my records are sealed magically." "Now, I will use it to attack, as well. A magically created computer virus is ready to be loosed on the world. Once it infects a computer, it lays dormant until I xxx xnxx order it to act. The computer does not even need wwwxnxx to be connected to the Web any longer so there is no defense against it. Whole systems xnxx. can be lost, or corrupted or externally operated by me. Controlling computers can be xnxx/ made to malfunction. The modern world will either accede to our demands or society will end. No electricity. No air travel. Communications disrupted and lost. It will be a xnxx india return to xnxx the Stone porn xnxx Age because even those tools that do not require computers to work, require something that is controlled by a computer to work. I call my little virus the Second Black Plague for its effects will be as far reaching in this time xnxx korea as the original Plague was in the Europe of the Middle Ages." "It is like xnx cyber-biological warfare." Jacqui whispered. "Indeed it xnxxcom is. I knew you would appreciate the genius of this. I knew it from the way you used computers at your school and at your home. Ahh. You did not know I was eavesdropping on your accounts? Easily. xnxx anime You are very talented. It is one of the reasons I chose you as the Mother of my Son. You and I have a rare combination of computer talent porno and the potential to wield magic. Very few have both, but you and I both do. Talents we will bequeath to our son." "But why? Why alert the Sisterhood with your attacks? It makes xnxx vina garut no sense if you already had this weapon." Jacqui's mind was clearing now. xnxx .com Lancaster did not know that she was already pregnant. What would he do if he found out? Kill her? Or simply kill her child and then get his child on her afterwards. She had to protect Marc's child. She had to play for time. "Why attack your so-sacred Sisterhood of emasculated crones? Because the power they use to perpetuate themselves is an abomination in the eyes porno of the Dark One. Because they have opposed us time and again in the past and have caused us shame in the eyes of the Dark One. You take from men the Power of the Dark One. I do not want them and their un-maled whelps upon xvideos the earth when we achieve our victory. I want them to die knowing that they could not stop that final victory." Jacqui's intuition flared, and she heard the unwitting tamil xnxx emphasis on the words "emasculated" and "power they used to perpetuate" and "un-maled". With all her will, she forced her face xnxx japanese muscles into something approximating a smile. "You fear the Transformation." she said with absolute confidence and assurance. "Its not that the Sisterhood xnxx bokep deterred your group in time-forgotten ages. You are afraid. You're terrified that you will wake up some morning with tits and a cunt." A vicious backhand slap rocked Jacqui back onto the cot she'd been xxx videos laid on. "Stupid Bitch!" he roared. "I fear nothing about your puling Sisterhood, least of all the weak magicks of their impotent Goddess." He raised his fist to strike her again, but suddenly stopped with his hand still above his head. He seemed to shudder and then slowly lowered the hand as he composed his furious features. "No. You won't get off that easily, xnxx selingkuh little witch. I know you don't have the power to oppose me because you have not yet given birth or suckled a child. You cannot make me kill you now. Oh, no, not japanese xnxx until we pull my son from your bleeding and dying body." He turned and strode to the room's only door. "You xnxx hot will be fed and cared for to keep you healthy. After you finish your next menses, xnxxcom we xnxx bokep will monitor you for ovulation. As the time approaches, we will inseminate you daily. I might even do it, myself, naturally, once or twice. You will give xxn me my son, witch, and he will destroy the last remnants of your cursed sect." And with that, he disappeared through the door, slamming it behind him. He's mad, Jacqui thought, but he can do what he said. At least the impregnation xnxx barat part. As for his Black xnxx japan Plague, she just did not know enough about magic xnxx sex to know xxx video if he could magically activate it, xnxx tamil but the infection was possible. She felt so alone. She started to think that she wanted https // her Mother, but that brought on another grim thought. That man had already killed at least one, probably more Sisters. If her gentle Mother came to rescue her, there was every reason porn videos to believe he'd kill Mum, too. Jacqui xnxx sex could not stand xnxx jav that thought. She herself, was probably already as good as dead, but her capture would probably www xnxx com alert Bronwyn and her friends. Maybe they could find clues that would lead them to Lancaster. If they found her, they would come running and would run straight into him, in the kind wwwxnxx of direct confrontation that favored the killing power of the Dark Power over the subtle power of the Goddess. Grimly, Jacqui tried to shield her mind. She had xnxx hd to japan xnxx "hide" herself away from Bronwyn and her Mother. They had to find a different way to Lancaster - one that would give them time to plan, instead of reacting to her capture. With all the power at her command, Jacqui closed her eyes, and tried to close her mind as well. A Change of Direction xxnxx xnxx videos Chapter 27 Bronwyn and the other members of the xnxx com Sisterhood gathered around the distraught Laurie. Funneling their combined power through one or two Sisters with "finder" talents, the Sisters had spent the better part of the evening and night searching for the mental touch of Laurie's daughter, but to no avail. "I can't sense her, Bronwyn. I know she is still alive because I would know xnxx cina if her life-strength died, but I cannot sense xnxx anime her well enough to help the Sisters of the Finder craft locate her. Somehow, she is using her own powers and she is blocking me. Dammit, why did she have to bokep xnxx be so powerful?" "It is why we Transformed her, Laurel, because she could be so xnnn powerful. Now, we must assume she is being noble, xnxx gay and trying to protect us so that we will be strong when the time to confront porn videos the Brotherhood arises." "We xnxx 2019 cannot let her do that, Bronwyn." Laurie whispered desperately. "She is my baby. We have to get her back." Bronwyn nodded solemnly. "Indeed we must, Laurel, but not for that reason alone. Remember, she carries an un-Transformed daughter of the Sisterhood in her womb, and we cannot let the Brotherhood have that child. Especially since we videos xnxx have not taught Jacqui the Birth Rites that would protect xnxx movies the still- male child from the Dark Power." Laurie's eyes lit up. "The child! I have touched her child already. I know his aura!" She sent her senses outward once again and almost vina garut xnxx immediately touched and found, "The child! Bronwyn! I know xnxx com/ where he is. She xnxx/ forgot to shield him from me. I xnxx selingkuh have found her!" A short cheer went up from the assembly of witches, only to be cut short by the realization they would now be facing the xxx Brotherhood directly. xnxx sex video For the first time since the ancient times, the forces of the Goddess and the Dark One would xnxx cina openly confront one another. The days of the Sisterhood manipulating men of power from behind the scene were over. By kidnaping Laurie's unborn grandchild, still in his Mother's womb, this new High Leader of the xnxx arab Brotherhood videos xnxx had gone too far. Lancaster had returned to xxx xnxx Jacqui's cell, and was seated across the room from her, watching Jacqui with eyes heated by madness. His followers were outside, standing guard around the video xnxx perimeter of the factory complex. She felt so bloody helpless. What was the point of xnxx .com having magic powers if you could not *do* anything with them?? Nothing Jacqui had been taught to date by Laurel or by Bronwyn was adequate to the task of protecting herself or her child, not against a madman with the destructive power Lancaster seemed to possess. She xnxx hindi hoped that her spell of concealment had prevented her Mother from finding her. xnxx sex videos She did not want her impulsive Mother getting herself killed running to her rescue. What could she do, xnxxx anyway? Hell, What could Jacqui do? The only positive thing in this mess was that Lancaster wanted to make her conceive a child. Since she was already pregnant, that tamil xnxx gave xnxx indo her at least a month to come up with some way of escaping, while Lancaster awaited a menses that was not going to happen. Or at least, coming up with some way of preventing Lancaster from hurting her child. free porn "Your child will be great, woman, because he will be my son, and because I, Lancaster, High Leader of the Brotherhood, will make him so. I will teach him xnxx sex videos the power of the Dark One. He will xnxx japan take my place at the head of the Brotherhood, and he will destroy your precious Sisterhood once and for all. It is too bad we did not know of you. You have great reserves of power in you, but now, it is a pale, weak mom xnxx and useless thing. It cannot no longer destroy. They took that from you when they Transformed you, and more. They xnxx porn took from xnxx indonesia you your will to be great, your will to conquer, your will to dominate." His words began to run together, to slur, as his tirade grew. "Through your son, I will rule the world." At the very instant of that arrogant claim, the heavy door exploded inward and first Bronwyn, then Laurie rushed in followed by four other members of the Sisterhood. Bronwyn gestured at Jacqui, and the glowing bands that had been holding her immobile disappeared. site xnxx Recovering quickly, Lancaster struck out, sending globules of black light flying at the xnxn six women. Bronwyn, Laurie and two of the women managed to shield themselves in bubbles of incandescently bright white light. The globules hissed and sputtered and then disappeared against the shining globes. The other two women did not shield in time and the globules struck them full in their chests. They screamed, hideously, and then simply dissolved into xxnn foul smelling puddles on the floor. Jacqui tried to move to the four remaining women, but Lancaster cut her off, grabbing her with a choke hold www xnxx com about her throat. "We seem to have a standoff, High Priestess. And I sense that you are the High Priestess. My men have been dealt with, I assume?" free porn "Neutralized, High Leader. Unharmed, but the stench of the Dark One has been forever washed out of their souls." "Leaving xnxx japanese them without power or the will to use it properly if they still had it. And your Goddess," the word was hissing curse, "Considers that to be nondestructive, to brutally rip from a man the very characteristics that first gave him dominion over this planet. You cannot do that to me - my power xnxx anime is too great. And xnxx app you cannot destroy me - your Goddess forbids it. Sadly, it appears I porno cannot destroy you either while you hide behind your cowardly shields. It seems my best course of action, then, is to take my leave and face you again some other day." He started to drag Jacqui toward the back door. "We will not let you leave here with her, japan xnxx Lancaster. We can stop you." He stopped and regarded Bronwyn. The red haze of madness had receded from his dark eyes, replaced by animal cunning. "I suppose you can at that. I don't know how, but your words have gay xnxx the ring of truth." He shook his head sadly and turned his head to Jacqui. "This one held the key to our video porno ancient struggle. Obviously, I will not be the one to use her xnxx gay to unlock that final victory." The madness burned brightly again and his right hand rose high above Jacqui. "But bokep xnxx NEITHER will YOU, High BITCH!" The raised hand turned porno xnxx black xnxx tv and began to shimmer and video xnxx pulse xnxx barat with xnnx a strange glow that heralded the total absence of light instead of its presence. The glow coalesced into a writhing mass above the pair and xnxx jepang then it began to beam down onto Jacqui, who was still struggling to free herself. xnxx jepang The instant the xnxx hd light grazed her, she xnxx porno screamed in utter agony. "NOOOOOO!!!!" Laurie's scream answered her xnxx stories porn xnxx daughter's xxx xnxx and she reacted without thinking, forging a healing link with her child and the child in her womb. Her power, backed by Bronwyn's own, xnxx asia flowed into Jacqui, deflecting the soul- consuming black light and healing the damage already done. Lancaster tried to increase the power of his spell, but the combined power of the Sisterhood and Laurie first xnxn deflected his thrust and then reflected it back into him. The force of his destructive burst backfired on him, and porno xnxx blew him bodily away from the mom xnxx reeling Jacqui. Jacqui regained her senses to see www.xnxx Bronwyn and the Sisterhood and her Mother. She took a tentative step toward them when her Mother collapsed to the floor. xnxx teen Instantly, Jacqui tried to forge her own link with her Mother, but failed. Her Mother resisted her, xnxx .com and what Jacqui saw xnxx arab in the instant she was in touch with her chilled her soul. Laurie had not guarded herself in the link with her daughter. Jacqui should have died and Laurie had taken the xnxxx damage done to her child into herself. Now, her Mother was dying. Lancaster sex struggled to his feet. Jacqui saw him gathering himself, felt the power growing xnx in him again, and sex videos wanted to strike out at him, to turn him into puddles of sewage as he had just done to her Mother's friends. Her Mother's hand gripped hers and she knew xnxx indo she could not. She had to do something. He had to be stopped. What had he said? "You take desi xnxx from men the power of the Dark One."? The followers of the Goddess were weak because they lacked that power? Her soul in torment, Jacqui tapped the full resources of power she had been xnxx desi told time and again were hers. The most powerful magic she knew was the one enchantment sex xnxx she still could not control well enough to use safely on herself, but she could still use it . . . other ways. Bronwyn was the first to sense the change in Jacqui, and fearing Jacqui was retaliating in kind, sex videos called out to her to stop. Jacqui heard nothing save her Mother's scream, and saw nothing save the man whose lust for power had fatally injured the woman who had twice given birth to her. The air about Jacqui literally began to seethe with visible power and she quietly intoned the words she had been taught . . . The world exploded in a cold flash of pure blinding white light, with her at its fiery center. In the core of the swirling maelstrom of power, Jacqui sang xnxx japan the song her Mother xnxn and Bronwyn had taught her and bent the fabric of life to her will. When the storm faded, the power of the Dark One xnxx porn had been banished from that room. Moments later, she was kneeling beside her Mother, crying. "Mother," she begged. "Let me in. Please, let me try to help you. I love you. Don't leave me." "No, my love. You cannot help me. There is not enough life- power in you sex video to heal me without the cost of your own sunny leone xnxx life." "Bronwyn, help me." Jacqui cried. "Make her let me in. Help me help her." "I don't think japan xnxx we can, xnxx app my love." Bronwyn said sadly. xnxx bokep "Certainly not if she resists us." "And I will resist, Bronwyn, xxxx for even with the combined power xvideo of the Sisterhood, it may not be enough. Bronwyn, remember my Death Wish?" Shocked, Bronwyn paled, then nodded. Laurie turned back www xnxx to xvideos Jacqui. "You can xnxx desi be Jack again. The High Leader's attack has all but nxxn stripped me of my life-power. The enchantment that I put upon you, the magic that forces you to do the Transformation yourself will die with me. The power is in you, daughter, xnxx telugu and the Sisterhood can help you. You may never be this powerful xnxx indonesia again. Don't let me destroy your